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What Do Dental X-Rays Really Tell Us?

During a regularly scheduled cleaning, dental hygienists and dentists work together to assess the health of your teeth and mouth. While this visual exam is a great start, it doesn’t give the complete picture of your dental health. That’s why dentists recommend that patients receive dental x-rays once a year. Advanced imaging with dental x-rays […]


Tips to Calm Your Dental Anxieties

Going to the dentist causes a great deal of anxiety for many people. Maybe you don’t care for the smell and feel of a dental cleaning or maybe you’re concerned about what the dentist will find during your visit. At Vacendak Dentistry we recognize that these feelings are real and strive to make all of […]


February is Children’s Dental Health Month!

Good oral health habits start early, which is why dental organizations across the country join together in February to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month. Tooth decay can begin at any age, so it’s important to teach your children how to care for their teeth when they are young. Set your children up for years of […]


What Exactly is Gum Disease?

You’ve probably heard about gum disease on television commercials and at your bi-annual dental cleanings, and you know it isn’t a good thing. But what exactly is gum disease? Let’s dig a little deeper into this common dental problem. What is gum disease? Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, starts with bacteria. When food and […]

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What’s New in Dentistry?

Just like with other medical fields, new innovations are constantly being made in dentistry. Advances in screenings, treatments and products allow dentists to catch problems earlier and take care of them in a manner that is more effective and convenient for patients. Find out what’s new in our world and learn how these dental technologies […]


Halloween Tricks for Healthy Teeth

Halloween is the ultimate time to indulge your sweet tooth, with seemingly endless chocolate and candies everywhere you turn. But, as we all know, a sugar overload can be damaging to your teeth. Luckily, you can take steps to minimize the impact of Halloween candy on your dental health. Indulge responsibly this year so your […]


Mouth Habits To End (Now)

From brushing too hard to drinking multiple sodas a day, teeth bear the brunt of common routines. So, it’s important to be vigilant. Take the common habits below and try to implement our favorite solutions to keep your teeth, mouth and gums happy and healthy!  Brushing Too Hard It’s easy to take the stress of […]

When to Call the Dentist!

You know to schedule your regular cleanings and to call the dentist if there is an emergency. But what if something just doesn’t quite feel right? Is it worth a trip to the dentist? If you are experiencing pain or a new sensation that isn’t normal for you, you may need to schedule an appointment […]