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Healthy Gift Alternatives to Candy and Chocolate

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During the holiday season there are so many people to give gifts: teachers, neighbors, party hosts, the mailman, etc. The easy go-to for these small tokens of appreciation is chocolate and candy. While it’s ok to enjoy sweet treats in moderation, the overload that comes along with the holidays isn’t good for the teeth. Instead of gifting sugary food gifts this holiday season, try one of these mouth-healthy alternatives.

  • Fresh fruit: Although fruit is a sweet treat, it also packs a lot of vitamins and minerals. In addition, fruits that have fiber, like apples, oranges, and strawberries act as a flossing mechanism, removing build-up from your teeth as you eat them. Gift a basket of whole fruit or choose a cut fruit platter or arrangement.
  • Trail mix: If you prefer to make rather than buy gifts, create a special blend of your own personal trail mix. Incorporate nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and fun stuff; we’ll allow a small number of sweets here! Customize the trail mix to the giftee and present it in a glass jar adorned with a holiday ribbon.
  • Nuts: The crunchy texture of nuts is good for your teeth. It can help strengthen them and remove bacteria. Pick-up a tin of nuts from your favorite specialty shop or add them to a glass jar like the trail mix gift. Before gifting nuts, be sure to check that there are no nut allergies in the household.
  • Coffee or tea: While too much coffee and tea can stain your teeth, drinking it in moderation can be beneficial. Coffee and tea contain antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation, and they provide protection from the main bacteria that causes tooth decay. Create a basket or bag of coffee and tea options as a gift or give a gift card to your favorite local coffee shop.
  • Scented gifts: Soaps, candles, and lotions make great gifts for the holidays. Stock up on these items and always be ready for the unexpected gift you’ll inevitably have to scramble for at the last minute.
  • Flowers or plants: You can’t go wrong with gifting a bouquet of flowers or potted plant during the holidays (or any time of year for that matter). These gifts are great because they can be scaled as needed: a small succulent for a neighbor or a large bouquet of flowers to thank your child’s teacher.

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