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Dental health is a key to whole-body health. That’s why the team at Vacendak Dentistry takes the whole person into account when caring for our patients’ teeth. Whether you come in for a routine teeth cleaning, cosmetic veneers, root canal therapy or a wisdom tooth extraction, the mother-son team of Dr. Sheila and Dr. Daniel Vacendak are committed to giving you undivided attention. We value our relationship with you, the patient above all else and our dental office is designed with your needs in mind.

Dr Sheila Vacendak Dentist

Dr. Sheila Vacendak

Dr Daniel Vacendak Chesapeake Dentist

Dr. Daniel Vacendak

Experience the Vacendak Difference

Individual Attention

Did you know that when you schedule an initial consultation at Vacendak Dentistry you can expect to spend a significant amount of face-to-face time with the doctors? You get the individual attention you deserve.

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Comprehensive approach

We believe the amount of confidence you have in your smile affects the way you live your life. And just as importantly, the health of your smile affects the health of your whole body.

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The latest advancements

Along with our commitment to putting patients at ease with compassionate care, Vacendak Dentistry offers cutting edge dental technology for the best defense against oral health problems.

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“Great staff and great office. Dr. Daniel Vacendak took great care to make my visit less stressful. A very professional exam and cleaning. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for everything, and working around my situation for my bite guard. Your polite and professional service is unparalleled in the world of Dentistry and patient services….I can’t wait to see the office grow.”

“I spent 3 plus hours with Dr. Sheila this morning while she prepared and affixed a new crown. The level of care she and her staff provided was outstanding! She, Dr. Daniel, and all the staff at Vacendak really get to know their patients and make them feel like family.”

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