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Six New Year’s Resolutions for Your Teeth


Every New Year’s people make resolutions to improve themselves and their lives. Let your teeth get in on the action this year and resolve to take better care of them! Want an easy place to start? Choose one (or more) of these resolutions for your teeth:

  • Brush for two minutes every time. We know that two minutes can seem like a long time to brush your teeth, but it’s well worth it. Studies have shown that brushing your teeth for one minute removes 27 percent of plaque, while brushing for two minutes removes 41 percent of plaque. That’s nearly double the amount. Brushing longer than two minutes can’t hurt, but there isn’t enough evidence to determine how much it helps.
  • Floss more. You hear it every time you visit the dentist: you should be flossing once a day. If it’s still hard for you to remember to floss every day, start with just a few days a week and work your way up to every day. You can use string floss, floss picks, interdental brushes, or a water flosser to remove food between teeth. Find the floss that works best for you and stick to it.
  • Drink more water. This resolution is a multi-tasker. Drinking more water is good for your body in general, but it’s particularly good for your teeth. When you drink water, it rinses away food residue left inside of your mouth. This reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth and can help keep cavities at bay.
  • Limit sugary and acidic foods. Sugary foods are known to attract bacteria in the mouth, which is the main culprit in tooth decay. Acidic food and drinks, like tomatoes, processed meats, and sodas, are also bad for your teeth as the acid wears away at your teeth’s enamel.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking is bad for your entire body, including your teeth. Smoking is a leading cause of gum disease, causes bad breath, stains the teeth, and increases your risk of developing oral cancer.
  • Schedule (and keep) regular dental appointments. It’s important to visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning and for a dental exam. Often dental problems can be caught early, giving you time to correct course and address issues before they become severe.

Happy New Year from Vacendak Dentistry! We encourage you to make dental care a priority in the coming year and look forward to seeing you for your upcoming appointment. Still need to make your first appointment for 2023? Call us at 757-609-3510 or schedule an appointment online.