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Give the gift of healthy teeth this holiday season! Dental care gifts are something that everyone can use and enjoy, and there are plenty of options above and beyond the standard toothbrush and toothpaste. Whether your gift recipient has baby teeth or grown-up teeth, find the perfect toothcare gift for them this year.

Young Children

For young children, the name of the game is creating good habits. Cute flossers and fun-flavored mouthwash will get kids excited about taking care of their teeth, while sand or electronic timers are good choices to remind them to brush for the recommended two minutes. Dental-themed toys can get kids thinking about their teeth while they’re having fun. And if children are at the age when they are losing their teeth, consider a Tooth Fairy pillow or a tooth organizer.

Tweens and Teens

Think outside of the box when it comes to purchasing gifts to promote good dental health for the tweens and teens in your life. Drinking the recommended amount of water helps to clean the mouth and strengthen the teeth, so find a fun water bottle to encourage more water consumption. For times when they drink something other than water, gift them a set of reusable straws so they can minimize the amount of beverage that comes in contact with their teeth. A compact oral hygiene travel kit is ideal for sleepovers at the grandparents or at friends’ house. If your child plays sports, check out mouthguards with cool designs and features.


Upgrade the tooth care habits of the adults by gifting them an electric toothbrush (and extra brush heads) so they can thoroughly clean their teeth every time the brush. For those who don’t like to floss, gift them a water flosser, which allows them to clean between their teeth without the hassle of floss string. Gift certificates for tooth whitening are a great option for someone who has it all.

Happy holidays from Vacendak Family Dentistry. We wish you the best for 2022, including good dental health! Schedule your next visit with Vacendak Family Dentistry today by calling us at (757) 609-3510 or requesting an appointment online.