Understanding Dental Insurance and Dental Plans

confused manIf you feel confused by your dental insurance plan, you’re not alone. Dental benefit plans can be very difficult to understand, especially for people who don’t work with them every day. Differentiating between PPOs and HMOs and understanding terms like “capitation,” “reimbursements,” “flex spending” and “co-pays” is enough to intimidate anyone!

How Do They Decide What Is and Isn’t Covered?

The benefits of a dental plan are based on the terms of a contract between your employer and an insurance company. Unfortunately, these terms often do not include all the services you may need or want, and your dentist has nothing to do with deciding what is and isn’t covered.

Keeping You Healthy and Happy

While our number one goal at Vacendak Dentistry is to help you maintain optimal dental care, we also want you to be happy. No one wants a bill they aren’t expecting.

That’s why the people at Vacendak are proactive in talking to your insurance provider and figuring out what’s covered, how to file, etc.

If you have any questions about your dental coverage, give us a call. Our office manager, Terry, will be happy to help you. Just ask for the “Insurance Goddess.” She’s the BEST with this stuff! Give us a call at 757-609-3510.

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