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Tips to Calm Your Dental Anxieties


Going to the dentist causes a great deal of anxiety for many people. Maybe you don’t care for the smell and feel of a dental cleaning or maybe you’re concerned about what the dentist will find during your visit. At Vacendak Dentistry we recognize that these feelings are real and strive to make all of our patients as comfortable as possible during their visits. If going to the dentist makes you nervous, try these tips to calm your nerves:

  1. Plan your appointment at a good time. When scheduling your appointment, choose a day and time that works best for you. For some, having the first appointment of the morning may prevent them from feeling anxiety throughout the day. For others, an appointment at the end of the day will allow them to complete their work ahead of time so they can feel less stressed. Either way, make sure you leave plenty of time to arrive early enough to get settled in and in the right mindset.
  2. Bring someone with you. Having a friend or family member join you at your appointment can help you relax. You can chat with them while you’re waiting and can take comfort in the fact that they are only a short distance away during your visit. Even if they need to wait outside or in the car due to COVID considerations, it can be comforting knowing they are close.
  3. Talk to the dental hygienist and dentist. Share your feelings with the dental hygienist or dentist; he or she can address any concerns and fully explain the dental process. Come up with a hand signal to notify the dentist if you need a break. If necessary, your dentist can also recommend various sedation options.
  4. Concentrate on your breathing. While you’re in the chair, make it a point to concentrate on your breathing. Take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly. This technique assists in calming your nerves and relaxing your body.
  5. Distract yourself. Think about something else during your dental procedure. Bring headphones and listen to music or a podcast, or request to watch television—yes, we have televisions at Vacendak! You can also try playing mind games (like naming a city or food for every letter of the alphabet) or centering yourself by meditating.

No matter how much you may dislike going to the dentist, it’s important to keep your appointments and not put off any necessary dental work. If it’s time to schedule your next appointment, call us today at (757) 609-3510 or contact us online.