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Tips for a Teeth-Friendly Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching many of us already have a bowl of candy setting out in the house, even if you’re not expecting visiting ghosts and goblins this year. If you’re brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day – you shouldn’t have to worry about the occasional splurge. Nevertheless, there are easy ways to make even the most indulgent treats teeth-approved! 


Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is probably your best option. Dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate and offers fewer carbohydrates or bacteria that turn sugar into those harmful cavity producing acids. Chocolate also washes off your teeth easier than stickier types of candy.

Sticky and Gummy Candies

It’s all about the texture when it comes to these fun treats! Unfortunately, they are the worst types of candy to eat when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy. It might be fun getting sticky candy stuck on your teeth, but that means it has longer to harm tooth enamel.  Harmful bacteria get more time to stick around and produce acids that break down your hard surfaces.

Hard Candies

Never chew on a Jolly Rancher! Not only do hard candies stay in your mouth for a long period of time, but they also can cause physical damage. These tough treats can fracture teeth if bitten into too early. 

Sour Candies

Sour and sweet is a double whammy. The presence of sugar combined with the acids of a sour treat creates an extra harmful oral environment, accelerating the tooth decay process. 

Minimize exposure to sweets, play it smart and have a great Halloween! If you want to learn more about healthy snacks to hand out for Halloween, visit this article on 7 Tooth-Friendly Halloween Treats. 

Make sure to brush your teeth after snacking on any leftover candy, too! Brushing, swishing with water and flossing are the best ways to remove the sugar as quickly as possible. If you want an extra cleaning after the eventful Halloween night, call Vacendak Dentistry and schedule an appointment!