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Straightening Your Teeth as an Adult


Did you know that of the four million people who get braces or aligners each year, 25 percent of them are adults? That’s one million adults! More and more (especially since the COVID-19 pandemic), adults are choosing braces or aligners for cosmetic and medical reasons. Here’s what you need to know if you consider straightening your teeth as an adult.

When to Consider Braces or Aligners
As you age, teeth are more likely to shift due to bone loss, the way you hold your tongue, or lost teeth. This can cause the teeth to overlap with each other. When teeth are too crowded, they can be harder to keep clean. This can lead to inflammation, tooth decay, and other dental problems. Crowded teeth may also make you feel uncomfortable in social settings. If your oral health starts to deteriorate or you are tired of feeling self-conscious about your teeth, you may want to consider braces or aligners.

Options Available
The standard metal braces you may remember wearing as a kid are still around, but there are also other teeth aligners today. Vacendak offers SureSmile Orthodontic Aligner therapy, a nearly invisible alternative to braces. After taking a scan of the teeth, patients receive an initial set of aligners followed by new aligners on a regular schedule until the oral problem is corrected. This option is often preferred by adults who don’t want the eyesore and discomfort of metal braces.

How Long You’ll Need to Wear Them
Many improvements have been made in orthodontics since you were a kid, making it quicker to achieve straight teeth. Most people wear braces or aligners for anywhere from 10 to 24 months. During this time, you’ll have in-office appointments to adjust the aligner every six to 12 weeks.

The Average Cost
While each case is different, the average cost for braces or aligners is between $4,000-$6,000. Adults can purchase cost-saving dental plans to reduce the price. Insurance may pick up some of the cost if you get braces or aligners for a medical reason (such as speech difficulties or other oral issues). At Vacendak Dentistry, we also offer a monthly payment plan to help manage fees for aligners.

If you’ve been considering straightening your teeth, it’s better to act sooner rather than later. Correcting problems early can mean fewer complications and less cost. To learn more about Vacendak’s SureSmile Orthodontic Aligner therapy or to make an appointment, call our office at (757) 609-3510 or contact us online today.