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How an Improved Smile Improves Your Mindset

We talk a lot about why taking care of your teeth is important for your overall health. Well, the quality of your smile also affects your overall state of mind!

You’re less likely to smile when trying to hiding discolorations, cracks or chips that cause insecurities. If you have blemishes preventing you from smiling, it takes a huge negative psychological toll.

Smiling, laughing, and a healthy smile that you can’t hide positively affect your mindset in even more ways! Learn about them below:

Better Mood, Increased Relaxation

When you’re in a bad mood, the last thing you feel like doing is smiling or laughing. But did you know that faking canl improve your mood? Studies show that the act of curling your lips into a smile or letting out a small giggle is enough to trigger your brain into feeling happier!

Try it the next time you are feeling angry or sad and see what happens. The effects are amplified when you turn that smile into a full-blown laugh. Laughing stimulates circulation and helps your muscles relax. Those effects are felt for up to 45 minutes after the laugh ends!

You Become More Approachable

You probably don’t want to be around other people when they are in a bad mood, so why would you expect anyone to want to be around you when you are? Not only will you feel better when you smile and laugh, but you’ll also give the signal to others that you’re an enjoyable person to be around. 

The more you can engage and interact with others, the happier you’ll be. It’s a cycle that’s worth getting into. Smiles and laughter are contagious — whenever you see someone else doing it, you can’t help but do the same. You can thank your mirror neurons for that. Whenever we see someone doing certain behaviors, we feel inclined to do the same.

Sharing a laugh with others also helps you deepen your bond with them and makes you more likely to share information and have a healthy long-term relationship.

Physical Health Benefits

Beyond mental health, smiling and laughing can also help your physical state of being. Laughing works your abdominal muscles and releases endorphins that alleviate pain and boost your immune system.

Studies have even found that smiling and laughing can help decrease your risk for heart disease because they protect the heart and prevent the buildup of fat and cholesterol. These actions can also lower your blood pressure and keep it that way for up to 24 hours.

The Best Perk of All…

Putting all of the scientific research aside, the best reason to do more smiling and laughing is that it makes you feel good. Don’t let the state of your teeth get in the way of that.

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