Giving Thanks

November is the month of giving thanks, and this year we want to give a special thanks to something we use every day but may never truly appreciate: our teeth! You may not even think about them until it’s time to head to the dentist or something hurts, but our teeth are pretty amazing. Here are a few reasons to give thanks to your teeth:

  1. They help you scarf down that delicious thanksgiving meal – and the pie after! Having healthy teeth is so important for eating a balanced diet of foods that your body can digest more easily after being chewed.
  2. They give you a great smile. Your teeth are the first thing you notice during that holiday family photo shoot. Taking care of them means you’ll have great photos with an even better smile, and will also be more confident when meeting new people and having a conversation.
  3. They tell you about your history. Teeth can tell us a lot about where our ancestors come from, and even the types of food they ate! Did you know that teeth are also used for DNA identification?
  4. They give you hints about your health. Your teeth can be indicators of your overall health. For example, very pale gums could be a sign of anemia, and loosing teeth could be a symptom of osteoporosis. However, you won’t be able to self-diagnose by looking at your teeth. If you notice anything different, contact your dentist!

You can give thanks to your teeth by taking extra care of them. Brush regularly, floss every day and keep up with your regularly scheduled cleaning.

The doctors at Vacendak would also like to remind our patients just how thankful we are for them! If you haven’t seen us in a while, give us a call at (757) 609-3510 to schedule your checkup.