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Mouth-Healthy Tips for Your Summer Lifestyle

It’s pretty easy keeping up a good oral routine during the winter months. We're at home more often, in bed earlier and deep in the swing of a hectic school year. When the weather warms up, school lets out and activities begin - schedules…
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It’s Not Luck – How Good Habits Create Great Teeth

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Sometimes, we see friends, family and even strangers with amazing teeth and think - “Wow they’re so lucky!” But really, it’s the exact opposite. Having good oral health isn’t about luck! It’s about forming good oral hygiene habitsIf…
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Helping Children Stay Mouth-Healthy

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February is National Children's Dental Health Month! Starting good oral hygiene early ensures that a child’s teeth and gums remain healthy as they grow up.A child’s primary teeth, which people sometimes call baby teeth, are just as…
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The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health

Taking care of your teeth isn’t just about having a white smile, fresh breath and no cavities. Good dental habits are critical to the overall health of your body. Brushing, flossing and keeping up with regular dental appointments not only…
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New Year, New Mouth

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With the new year here, you’ve probably already decided your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like us, you may focus on improving your health in the new year. Just don’t forget the importance of improving oral health habits at the…
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Choosing Mouth-Friendly Candy for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching many of us are already thinking about candy! If you’ve been brushing twice a day and flossing once a day – you shouldn’t have to worry about the occasional splurge. Nevertheless, minimize possible harm from…
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Common Habits Taking a Toll on Your Teeth 

Common Habits Taking a Toll on Your Teeth We all have habits that are difficult to break. Whether the result of stress, convenience or because it makes us happy, it’s a good idea to address the impact those habits have on our wellbeing.…
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Are Veneers Right For You? 

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Looking at models in magazines and actors on TV may lead you to believe one thing about teeth: That people naturally have a bright white and straight smile. But that isn’t the case. Often, the perfected grins you see on everyone from movie…
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Soothing Sensitive Teeth

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Are you one of the forty million adults who suffer the symptoms of sensitive teeth? Don’t be shy about it! It’s a common dental issue that creates mild to harsh flashes of pain. Cold, hot, sweet and acidic foods are all triggers for discomfort,…
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Drink to Your Health this Summer with Our Beverage Guide

Sports outings, beach vacations and long days at the neighborhood pool are near! All the fun of summer requires staying hydrated and your family will likely guzzle down any beverage they find when the days are hot. Unfortunately, some popular…